We all can think and do fantastic things with our brains. But there is one big difference between how we use our brains power and where we put this power. And it´s obvious where the difference is. Time. Everyone´s brain is a fantastic super computer, we all have almost the same amount of brain power. Many people study and get their education from Universities and schools, work and tasks. And they are good at what they are doing as long as they are motivated. Some people just work hard and learn from experience to make a career. And some people just don´t care so much about what they working with, just as long they have nice friends and family they can provide. All of them has one thing in common. Time. Or the lack of time. Because their super brains also have to think about so much more than that goal education had, or the just hard working person or even the family have. Because no one gets really good if the focus has to be on to much things at the same time. And today almost everyone has too much around them to have much time to think about and to put almost 100% focus on a single goal. There is a reason why many of the best athletics in all sports is at the top of the game. Because they just put the focus on one goal to be the best and school, work and family was put aside. There is a reason why so many fantastic inventors of tech and web were "nerds" in school, just like many scientists. Einstein said that he had the opportunity to think very much and that that was one of the biggest reasons for him to be so successful. There is a reason why monks isolate them self for better focus and mind control. You see the same thing in so many areas. They had the time to focus and think of one goal and purpose. But almost everyone today has to much on their mind and have to think about things that put us out of focus and takes time from deep thinking. Almost everyone today has to think about money, to pay their loans and all costs. To think about how they look and live in the socially accepted life society demands,

we go to gyms, yoga, shop consumption things to show the perfect life.

To take care of family and love, to date for some new love or party and travel on our 5 weeks of vacation. It´s not strange that many people just wants to relax and sit in front of the tv or computer most of their free time. But this is not me, I think. I have time to think. I like to think. I made my world to me as simple as possible to create time for me to think. Because I love to think. I have done school and have educations, traveled the world for years, and did what a one man once said to me " Try everything, you never know what you learn or like to do if you haven't tried it". And everything I tried, I focus on and put days, weeks and month to think about how to make it better and improve in some way. Today I helped many restaurants and hotels, night clubs and bars to be better in quality and service. And to find the right market and concept. I helped brands to improve products and marketing, and companies to improve working environments. I have more than ten patents in different areas of products. I helped Soccer players and teams with tactics and training improvements. It doesn't really matter in what area the problem is, I have my way to analyze and collect information on site time and use my big ears. This first step is of course with meetings and talks with owners and managers. Then I move to the thinking and research to find solutions. This is my 100% focus time to think and I isolate me from other duties and inputs. Then it´s time for the results and a presentation.I´m a free thinker with no what so ever influences, so 

I´m not "home blind" and can see everything from another angle.

Then I put that together with trends, market and public/goal groups and more.I must work the first step in secret so as few as possible know I am doing research and analyzes totally free from interruption or a false picture of the problem. It´s a puzzle, but when it is completely put together it becomes perfect.